Here's an old picture of David Pili in action. This photo is in David's profile, but has never been posted in high res. Voila!

David vs Pepy

David Pili // Toothpick

A few weeks ago, David and I decided to find and ride some new spots outside the city. We ended up on this sick place. To ride this place was really fun.

Pepy Todesky // Icepick

David PILI | AURORA Welcome edit

Some months ago, AURORA Collective announced David Pili in their team, now we are stoked to present you his welcome edit!
Filmed this fall by Pepy Todesky and his brother Laurent Pili, David rode some new spot of their town, specially the new skatepark.

After several months of riding, their straps are still resistant and comfortable! We are happy to see small brands make good stuff and AURORA is one of them!

So if you want to win some good stuff, try their Christmas raffle on Aurora-Collective.com!

Shred X Nucult

This summer, our friends Nucult and the european distributor Fixie Factory organised a Video Contest. The rules were simple: send a short edit of pure creativity and fun !
We immediatly were in.

Today, the results are released, and yes, we're proud to announce that Shred took the first place!

To be very creative in our lines, we needed to ride unusual spots, and think different. That was really fun!
But actions speak louder than words, so enjoy our submission !

Congrats to Ian Walker, who took the second place. Awesome tricks in this edit, Ian shows us some technical lines (fucking great combo at 00:48). Sick flick homie!

Third place, our friends from Rennes (France), the KREWL. Those guys seem to have a lot of fun during their sessions, and what about this shitty music ? Haha, congrats guys ! See you next time, maybe in your sick park in Rennes!

Thank you very much, Nucult and Fixie Factory for this event, the european scene is not so big, so it's always a pleasure to have this kind of contest. We can't wait for the next fgfs event in europe! 
Ride Safe. 

The Crew.


In September, Pepy Todesky spent two weeks in California with his girlfriend. It was the opportunity for him to discover some famous spots and meet great people .

"To be a 'spot-tourist' is always fun when you travel in other cities. I remember in San Francisco, during an afternoon, we were walking nearby Yerba Buena Park, suddenly, I immediately recognized the flat rail that Devon Lawson grinded in Can't Fool the Youth 2 ! This spot is so fat ! I cant imagine how Lawson was able to land it. Then I obviously went through ClockTower, a famous place where you're always sure to meet skaters or bmx riders. And not far away, the famous manual pad 'Pier7' seen in many skate videos, and recently in many edits of Matt Reyes.
After SF, we take the opportunity to go in San Jose and visit the legendary shop IMinusD ! The guys of this shop are just so cool, and it was too good to talk with Forest Parker and Matt Montoya."

Next time, we're going back with all the crew and our bikes to shred California ! Cant wait for the next Red Bull Ride and Style in SF !

Pier7 and IminusD

Devon Lawson and the spot 'Yerba Buena Park'

Pepy Todesky X Aurora

is a label based in Germany. They are into handmade goods, fixed gear, art, photography, music, skateboarding and streetwear.

During the Fixed Days, Pepy Todesky met Sebastian Gondek, the head of AURORA. He had the opportunity to try their stuff. After several months, their straps are still fucking good, strong and comfortable! That's why we decide to promote them with this quickie.

AURORA Collective Welcome David PILI

The past week, Aurora Collective have officialy welcome me in their team.
I'm really excited to be able to contribute to this brand that comes directly from Germany.
I want to thank Sebastian and all the label AURORA, for they got me a chance to work with them.
These days I'm filming for my "Welcome Edit", should be ready soon. Stay tuned here or directly via Aurora Collective

Support your local dealer!


David Pili in NYC

In the beginning of the year David Pili went to New York, to improve his English and to ride with his bike.
During his trip, he had the opportunity to ride on the famous spots and meet the fgfs scene.
Thanks to Joey M Rojas, Zee Washington and Rasheem Henry for the hospitality and the filming.

We hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shots

Last friday we did a great street session with our friends Lionel and Quentin Oddo. Everybody killed the spots! That was sick!
Here’s a couple of screenshots from some recent clips we’ve been filming during the session.
We work hard on our tricks, and lots of new edits are coming, so stay tuned!


We are always looking for new spots, and sometimes we find truly amazing places. This one is a little far from the town but is really sick to ride! During the session on this spot, Pepy took this great picture of David Pili in wallride! We will come back for sure !

Get well soon bro!

Last Tuesday, Laurent Pili went to the hospital for a surgical operation of his knee. In march, he ripped his meniscus and his cruciate ligaments after a fall... He has for several months of physiotherapy before he get back on his bike. We hope it's not going to be too long and he will ride with us soon!

Get well soon bro!

SOFB 13!

Our friend Greg Falski released the new issue of SOFB Mag! There’s some good stuff in there, including an article about the FixedDays, with some pictures of Laurent Pili. Be sure to check it out!

Photo: Greg Falski

SHRED - B-Shit

Shred was created in september 2011. Since this day, we had many fun times and sick experiences. We worked hard on our tricks, sometimes we had hard times, with lots of injuries. So we decide to put all this shit in this edit! And don't forget: No Pain No Gain!

30% off on our Shop!

After many months with a bad weather... the sun is finally back!
Use "SNOWKILLER" on our shop and get 30% off all our tees! Winter is dead Summer is coming!

Pepy Todesky | One Foot Transfert

Another great session at the skatepark of Geneva, Laurent took this shot of Pepy in One Foot Transfert!

SOFB 12 is Out!

The new SOFB is finally here, just in time before the Fixed Day!
In this issue twelve, many things are changing, new logo, new design and over 100 pages of fixed culture. This last one, is really sick!  A little bit of a wait on this one but it was well worth it.

This issue have a good stuff from the FALSKITRIP (video) and a sick interview with David Pili (video).
Great job Greg!!

Greg Falski in the new skatepark of Geneva (page 16-23)

David Pili | Interview (page 24-29)


Few days ago, Zontrac announced Laurent Pili in their team and today they have released his first official video!!
Laurent Pili is a beast on his bike, his style is fluid and his tricks are really technical, gaps and grinds.. all!. This guy is a real rider his range is complete! So we are happy to see him riding for Zontrac!
Keep it up dude!

Laurent Pili | Welcome to the ZONTRAC Family

We are proud to announce that Laurent Pili rides now for ZONTRAC ! Congrats homie !
Keep an eye out for Laurent’s official Welcome edit coming soon.

Laurent Pili | F**CK Off

Photo: David Pili

Night session with Laurent Pili. Clean transfer with a special dedication to all those haters ha!
Don't think, just ride.

David Pili | Footjam

Photo: Diogo Maymone
Our friend Diogo took this photo during the Westjam 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. That was an epic competition with lots of good tricks and an amazing party all night. Watch our video here if you did not already seen it.

Schizoid Man | David Pili

Here's the last edit of David Pili. We filmed these footages during 2012 so there's a lot of old tricks but better late then never ha! No serious shit, just fun!

David Pili // Slider

Photo: Greg Falski

During his trip to Geneva, Greg Falski took this photo of David Pili in slider. The new SOFB Mag is online soon, stay tuned!

Pepy Todesky | Night ride

The other day, David took this photo of Pepy Todesky during a night session at the Skatepark of Plainpalais

Laurent Pili | 180 X-up

Last week, Laurent Pili rode with Pepy Todesky at the Theater Grütli, one of the famous street spots in town. Pepy took a couple of photos of Laurent in 180 X-up.

Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013 !

Welcome to our new website ! As you can see, we have made many changes.
You can find all our recent pictures and videos in the appropriate pages, also you can find informations and interviews about us in the Crew section.
The access to our social networks is now easier with the links in the right section.
And don't forget to visit our online shop ! Lots of tees are still available.

We want to thanks our friends Thieth, Lockedcog, BHSK, Onegear and SOFB Mag for their support, and all the people who believe in us! Thanks to everybody, we hope this year's gonna be good for you, Shred, and the FGFS scene.

Ride safe,


Merry Christmas Fuckers!

Hey guys, this is our video to wish you a Merry Christmas! Filmed in two days, on some ghetto spots around our city!
We hope you like this one!

SOFB || Issue 11

Hey dudes! The new SOFB is finally here,  check it out!
On this issue, David Pili is on a double page and Pepy Todesky has his bike check! Fuck yeah!
Congrats at our friends, Romain Tromss is on the cover and Jonathan Davis was interviewed! The pictures of JD are so sick! I think this guy is fucking mad!

David Pili || Transfer in the ghetto park

     Check the new Pepy's setup! So clean!


Last weekend our friend Greg Falski has come to visit us in Geneva! This dude is really cool, always motivated and especially for riding always around Europe to meet new riders!
During his stay, we spent time riding on some spots with him and our friends of Milkyce

Greg Falski / Wheeling

 Laurent Pili / 180 Xup

"Fondue Time"

The Crew

David Pili | Footjam

Insane footjam of David Pili with a ski mask and drink

New video!

It's been awhile since we had not released new videos..
finally we are back with this new flick!
Filmed in one afternoon on a famous spot of Geneva, Laurent Pili is a fucking beast on his bike! He completely shredded the spot!