In September, Pepy Todesky spent two weeks in California with his girlfriend. It was the opportunity for him to discover some famous spots and meet great people .

"To be a 'spot-tourist' is always fun when you travel in other cities. I remember in San Francisco, during an afternoon, we were walking nearby Yerba Buena Park, suddenly, I immediately recognized the flat rail that Devon Lawson grinded in Can't Fool the Youth 2 ! This spot is so fat ! I cant imagine how Lawson was able to land it. Then I obviously went through ClockTower, a famous place where you're always sure to meet skaters or bmx riders. And not far away, the famous manual pad 'Pier7' seen in many skate videos, and recently in many edits of Matt Reyes.
After SF, we take the opportunity to go in San Jose and visit the legendary shop IMinusD ! The guys of this shop are just so cool, and it was too good to talk with Forest Parker and Matt Montoya."

Next time, we're going back with all the crew and our bikes to shred California ! Cant wait for the next Red Bull Ride and Style in SF !

Pier7 and IminusD

Devon Lawson and the spot 'Yerba Buena Park'