Shred X Nucult

This summer, our friends Nucult and the european distributor Fixie Factory organised a Video Contest. The rules were simple: send a short edit of pure creativity and fun !
We immediatly were in.

Today, the results are released, and yes, we're proud to announce that Shred took the first place!

To be very creative in our lines, we needed to ride unusual spots, and think different. That was really fun!
But actions speak louder than words, so enjoy our submission !

Congrats to Ian Walker, who took the second place. Awesome tricks in this edit, Ian shows us some technical lines (fucking great combo at 00:48). Sick flick homie!

Third place, our friends from Rennes (France), the KREWL. Those guys seem to have a lot of fun during their sessions, and what about this shitty music ? Haha, congrats guys ! See you next time, maybe in your sick park in Rennes!

Thank you very much, Nucult and Fixie Factory for this event, the european scene is not so big, so it's always a pleasure to have this kind of contest. We can't wait for the next fgfs event in europe! 
Ride Safe. 

The Crew.